hi there. my name is Scott, thank you for stopping by.

full stack engineering

I am currently an Engineering Team Lead at PatientIQ, where we're making patient outcome data more intelligent. my team is currently hiring full stack engineers.

In the past, I've worked as an engineering manager at Compass, and as a team lead and IC at Contactually.

I have expertise scaling products and teams who build them. I am well versed in react.js and ruby on rails.

tools for thought

I created phonetonote, a software as a service that makes it easier to use tools for thought with your phone. you can learn more about my personal note taking journey and phonetonote's architecture.

I am interested in how tools for thought can work better together, and recently built a logseq plugin to create OPML based blogs from inside logseq.

I believe graphql can help enable data interop amongst tft graphs.

sports analytics

I've done frontend development for cleaning the glass, and am generally interested in seeing sports through a data-first lens.

I have experience scraping sports data from the web, and using python to analyze it.

I have built linear and logistic models using scikit learn.

entrepreneurship ecosystems

In college I cofounded VentureBoard and was one of the founding members of the startup shell.

I strive to work in spaces that make me feel creative and energized.

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