Featured Work

While I have spent most of the last few years working on VentureBoard, below is a collection of smaller projects I have created or worked on.
  • ember-cli-scss-lint
    My first Ember.js addon, to allow you to easily lint your Sass in an Ember project.
  • DC Tech People
    Using Facebook and AngelList data to learn about the demographics of #dctech.
  • Cap Game
    Inspired by The Ringer, a small Ember app to build your dream NBA team.
  • Innovation.umd.edu
    An easy to maintain website for UMD's Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Tech Or Rap
    A fun Angular.js app to test if people are in tech or rap
  • Startup Lingo
    Developed for Tech.co, this is a small Facebook quiz to test your knowledge of startup terms
  • Unicorn Replacer
    Inspired by Matt Levine, a dumb Chrome extension to replace your web of the word Unicorn
  • Better Terps
    A website and social media campaign to encourage attendance at University of Maryland basketball games