Snapchat Isn’t Just for Sexting

It seems Snapchat, and shortly Facebook Poke, are primarily being used by generation Y. I have no statistics on this, but it seems to be “what the kids are up to” these days. And amongst my friends, it’s certainly been popular for a few months.

But here’s the thing. It isn’t for sexting. When people who aren’t using Snapchat talk about the app, it’s just a convenient way for horny teenagers to sext without ramifications.These people are wrong and something much bigger is happening. Something that motivated Mark Zuckerberg to clone Snapchat without any attempt to hide his intentions. Dustin Curtis already did a great job explaining this part of the story. In short, the simplicity of Snapchat- a self-destructing photo and with a limited-length caption, forces people to communicate via the actual photo. No comments, liking, or following. Just pictures, which are inherently much more human than any “like” will ever be.

Snapchat isn’t about sexting. It’s about using technology to communicate with people in a more personable way.