Ideas are Cheap

You’ve come up with a great new idea. Now what? You need to build a team, ship a product, and become famous.

Let’s say you’re a business guy who has an idea for a new mobile app. You need to find an iOS developer to team up with to make your idea a reality. You have to protect your idea! Don’t tell your friends about it. Make sure any potential developers sign an NDA before explaining the concept to them.

Or maybe there’s a better way.

Tell everyone about your new idea. Get feedback and iterate upon it. Send out surveys to potential users and learn more about the problem you’re trying to solve. If you can, hack together a prototype.

Your idea will improve and developers are more likely to work with you because they see a product with actual potential. Maybe it turns out you don’t have the next big idea. You’ve just saved yourself months of wasted time.

And maybe someone does steal your idea. In most cases, you’ll know the domain of your idea better than the person who steals it. Maybe you can work together. Or maybe you just have to out-execute your newly formed competition. In any case, it’s the execution that’s difficult. Ideas are cheap. Not to say that coming up with a disruptive idea is easy, but it’s at the first step of a long process. If you get beat early, start over.

Sitting on an idea won’t get you anywhere. Beginning to execute on it will get you somewhere, one way or the other.