Hiring Great Talent

I’m thinking I’ll take one out of Seth Godin’s blog, and keep my posts shorter. Hopefully that will result in more of them!

I’m currently involved in a co-founder role with VentureBoard. We’ve recently hired an additional developer to the project. He is great with Ruby on Rails, has an eye for detail, and experience working with start-ups. It thus came as no surprise that he had lots of offers and opportunities on his table. Why did he choose VentureBoard? The following reasons:

  • We strive for an environment where developers make important business decisions and the best idea wins
  • We’re solving a real problem in a market that is ripe for disruption
  • We use whatever the best technology is to solve a given problem
  • We build, ship, and iterate as quickly as possible

Not to say that no other companies do this, but as a developer myself, I can confidentially say these are a lot of what great developers are looking for. Skip the ping-pong tables, espresso machines, and five hundred dollar chairs. Great culture comes from smart employees solving problems.