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99 Problems but a Shadow Ain’t One

TLDR: Flat design isn’t intrinsically good or bad. It’s also not easier or harder than other design styles.

There’s been a lot of talk about flat design lately, and I thought I’d chime in on the discussion. Let’s start with some background. I am not a designer. I do not pretend to be one. I’d like think I can mock up a page and make it look not ugly, but that’s about it from a visual design perspective. I’ll use “flat design” vaguely throughout this post. I think we can all imagine the general design shift I’m talking about here, and I see no need to diverge into a post about the semantics of the term.

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Ideas are Cheap

You’ve come up with a great new idea. Now what? You need to build a team, ship a product, and become famous.

Let’s say you’re a business guy who has an idea for a new mobile app. You need to find an iOS developer to team up with to make your idea a reality. You have to protect your idea! Don’t tell your friends about it. Make sure any potential developers sign an NDA before explaining the concept to them.

Or maybe there’s a better way.

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Hiring Great Talent

I’m thinking I’ll take one out of Seth Godin’s blog, and keep my posts shorter. Hopefully that will result in more of them!

I’m currently involved in a co-founder role with VentureBoard. We’ve recently hired an additional developer to the project. He is great with Ruby on Rails, has an eye for detail, and experience working with start-ups. It thus came as no surprise that he had lots of offers and opportunities on his table. Why did he choose VentureBoard? The following reasons:

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From B-School to C-Corp

Is entrepreneurship broken on the university level? Maybe. Is there room for improvement? Certainly.

Startups are hard. Teaching college students the ropes of entrepreneurship while fostering a community that leads to successful companies being built must also be a challenge. What are colleges doing correct, what problems are left, and how can universities inspire more students to create great ventures?

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Parallels Between C and Javascript

I’ve been using javascript for a while now. I say use instead of write because initially, it was copying and pasting scripts from across the web into my static html files, crossing my fingers, and hitting refresh. Over the years, I’ve grown pretty competent with javascript and particularly jQuery(ui/mobile), and have begun experimenting with some clientside MVCs like Backbone.js.

So far so good, pretty typical story for a web developer. As part of my Computer Science minor from Maryland, I have to take and pass a class on C and assembly next semester. I’ve heard brutal things about this class, so I’m attempting to get a leg up by learning C over the summer. I’ve been following along Learn C The Hard Way at a slow enough pace that I don’t overwhelm myself, and what I learn will actually be relevant to the class.

As I begin to grasp C, I’ve come up with some pieces that remind me of javascript. I guess this shouldn’t shock me because their syntaxes are already similar, but alas I felt compared to share.

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